Thu — 3/10/2019 — 21h30
Estreia Oficial !

Após o filme música com Rush do Lavagante

Convento do Carmo | Open Air Cinema

Documentário- EUA/PT, 2018, 50 min. - M/12 - V.O em Inglês / Legendado em Português
Realização e fotografia: Sophie Rousmaniere


In southern Portugal, where we find beautiful beaches from all Europe, major oil and gas companies acquire fossil fuel exploration contracts along its coast.Joao Camargo, activist and climate expert, Angela Rosa, a local farmer, and Laurinda Seabra, a former South African oil industry worker, are struggling to save their land and form community support groups.Taken as a true example of unity and civil force, the film raises up the following questions - Can civic involvement make a difference? Can we make a difference these days? Who is really in charge, politicians or locals?