1st Part — july 5th to 19th

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Thu — 5/07/2018 — 21h30

Drama – DE/BG, 2017  – M/12 – 120 min. V.O. em Alemão, Búlgaro / English Subtitles / Legendado em Português 
Realização e Argumento: Valeska Grisebach ·  Fotografia: Bernhard Keller · Com: Meinhard Neumann,  Reinhardt Wetrek,  Syuleyman Alilov Letifov


In a predominantly male world like the one portrayed in Westerns, a German worker who doesn’t want to feel isolated like the rest of his fellow countrymen in the Bulgarian mountains decides to walk to the village to make friends with its inhabitants.
The German filmmaker, Valeska Grisebach, translates the cinema codes from  Westerns into the values of modern Europe. Her long film is full of elements that take us back to the Western genre: horses, foreigners, native people, rivers...However, it does differ from that genre in its portrayal of the romantic feeling of communion with nature. Grisebach had not directed a film for 11 years. And there was an obvious expectation, as her last film, Sehnsucht, left everybody waiting for more and won awards in several international festivals.
Western presents us a village, that like many other communities, shows a certain hostility toward newcomers. In spite of that, Grisebach defends small villages as places set outside the rat-race of urban life, where time has an evanescent nature and people appreciate the simple and truly important things in life. Don’t miss it!

-Adquirido pela Colecção MoMA New York
-Prémio de Cinema Alemão: 
Nomeado Melhor Filme
-Associação de Críticos Alemães de Cinema:
Melhor filme e Melhor Actor

 -Festival de Cannes:
 Secção Oficial “Un Certain Regard” 
-Festival de Cinema Europeu de Sevilha:
 Prémio do Júri 
-Festival Internacional de Cinema de Mar del Plata:
 Melhor Realizador
-Art Film Festival:
 Melhor Realizador

Fri — 6/07/2018 — 21h30
Toivon Tuolla Puolen

Comédia dramática – FI/DE,  2017, 100 min. – M/12 – V.O. Finlandês, Inglês / English Subtitles / Legendado em Português

Realização e Argumento: Aki Kaurismäki · Fotografia: Timo Salminen · Com: Ville Virtanen, Dome Karukoski, Kati Outinen


Aki Kaurismaki returns with this beautiful minimalist comedy-drama, the second instalment of his port cities trilogy that began with his 2011 film Le Havre. The Other Side of Hope narrates the encounter of two men who want to start a new life: a shirt salesman determined to open his own restaurant and a young refugee who arrives from Syria on a ship in search of his sister.   

Kaurismaki remains loyal to his trademark style, characterized by a sort of absurd humour and the interpretative sobriety of his actors. In this work he seems to be more interested than usual in showing present day events, shining a light on them with optimism.

“In this film I have made a conscious effort to break the European vision of refugees as pathetic victims or arrogant emigrants who invade our countries to take our job, our wife, our house and our car”, explained the director.

Winner of the Silver Bear for Best Director in the Berlin International Film Festival in 2017, The Other Side of Hope achieves the goal that Kaurismaki sets for all of his films: that the viewers leave the cinema happier than when they came in.

The Finnish director has announced this will be his last movie. So let’s enjoy The Other Side of Hope, hoping that he will change his mind, because the world really needs work like Kaurismaki´s!  



- Festival de Berlim:  

Urso de Prata Melhor Realizador

- Festival de Munique:

Melhor Realizador Internacional

- Festival de San Sebastián:

FIPRESCI Filme do Ano

- Luxembourg City Film Festival:

Grande Prémio

- Prémios do Cinema Europeu:

Nomeado Melhor Filme e Melhor Realizador

Sat — 7/07/2018 — 21h30
Love and Bullets


Comédia, Musical – IT,  2017 – M/12 – 133 min. V.O. em Italiano / English Subtitles / Legendado em Português 

Realização: Antonio Manetti, Marco Manetti · Argumento: Antonio Manetti, Marco Manetti, Michelangelo La Neve · Fotografia: Francesca Amitrano · Música: Aldo De Scalzi, Pivio Com: Giampaolo Morelli, Carlo Buccirosso,  Serena Rossi


This surprising comedy that mixes a criminal story of la Camorra with the Neapolitan musical style, the “sceneggiata”, was the big winner of the David di Donatello, the Academy of Italian Cinema Awards.  Don Vincenzo Strozzalone is one of the bosses of La Camorra, nicknamed “the King of the big fish” (“il re del pesce”), who, after saving his life by the skin of his teeth, decides for an early retirement. Following the advice of Donna Maria, his film buff wife, he stages his own death, in a James Bond style. But Fatima is in the wrong place at the wrong time and she discovers Donna Maria´s master plan. In Love and Bullets there are indirect references to films such as Roberto Benigni’s Johnny Stecchino, and more direct ones such as Matteo Garrone´s Gomorra. This musical film written by Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi offers a personal reinterpretation of Rhythm & Blues and Neapolitan popular tradition. The directors Marco and Antonio Manetti (Manetti Bros.) play with all the stereotypes about Naples (the music, the curvy woman, the disproportionate feelings, the excessive characters, the appearance of crime) to keep us laughing the entire movie from beginning to end. For those who are familiar with Italy, Love and Bullets is absolutely hilarious! 


-Prémios David di Donatello:

 Melhor filme, Melhor Actriz Secundária, Melhor Música...


 -Festival de Veneza:

 Melhor Producção, Melhor Elenco

Sun — 8/07/2018 — 21h30
Quanto Mais Quente Melhor

Comédia – US, 1959 – M/12 – 120 min. V.O. Inglês / Legendado em Português 

Realização: Billy Wilder · Argumento: Billy Wilder, I.A.L. Diamond ·  Fotografia: Charles Lang · Com: Marilyn Monroe,  Jack Lemmon,  Tony Curtis  


Set in 1929, the plot turns around two musicians who, after being accidental witnesses of the Saint Valentine´s Day massacre, dress up as women in order to escape the mafia. Billy Wilder created an explosive combination of gangsters and transvestites with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and George Raft. They are absolutely brilliant. The actor George Raft parodies his gangster roles that made him famous in many movies in the 30s, such as Scarface by Howard Hawks with Paul Muni. This cinema masterpiece, written by Wilder and his usual co-writer I. A. L. Diamond (The Apartment, One two three) is set in the happy 20´s and there are plenty of sociopolitical and cultural references: prohibition, silent movie icons such as Rudolph Valentino and Ramon Novarro, or the Singer Rudy Vallee. Billy Wilder uses humour and identity misunderstandings to create a parody of gangsters films, and this is certainly one of the great comedies in cinema’s history.


- Prémios Óscar: 

Melhor Figurino

Nomeado Melhor Realizador, Melhor Actor (Jack Lemmon), Melhor Argumento, Melhor Fotografia, Melhor Direcção Artística 


-Globos de Ouro:

Melhor Comédia, Melhor Actriz em Comédia ou Musical (Marilyn Monroe) e Melhor Actor em Comédia ou Musical (Jack Lemmon)

- Prémios BAFTA:

Melhor Actor Estrangeiro (Jack Lemmon)

Mon — 9/07/2018 — 21h30

Drama – CL/ES/US/DE, 2017 – M/14 – 104 min. V.O. Espanhol / English Subtitles / Legendado em Português 

Realização: Sebastián Lelio · Argumento: Sebastián Lelio, Gonzalo Maz · Fotografia: Benjamín Echazarreta · Com: Daniela Vega, Francisco Reyes, Luis Gnecco


To Sebastian Lelio, the origin of A Fantastic Woman sprouted from an idea: “What would happen if the person you love dies in your arms, and those arms turn out to be the worst place for your partner to die in? Marina, interpreted by the actress Daniela Vega, will suffer hostility and constant humiliations from the family of Orlando, her recently deceased companion. Both Marina and Gloria (the main character in Leilo´s previous film) are perfectly prepared for this society. The problem is this society is not prepared for them. As Lelio declares, this is a classic Trojan horse with a “hypermodern” heart. From this tension arises the aesthetic and ethical question that lies at the core and essence of the film. A Fantastic Woman  is a manifesto about love and empowerment.

Since last year, Daniela Vega has obtained numerous awards and she has been the first transgender woman to participate in the Oscar ceremony  awards, where the film A Fantastic Woman  won the Foreign Language Film award. Never constrained by the rigid rules of a genre, A Fantastic Woman  charms its audience from start to finish, thanks to its perfect acting, a powerful script and a subtle and interesting visual style: Marina´s city is a city of mirrors.



 -Prémios Óscar: 

Melhor Filme Estrangeiro

 - Prémios Platino: 

Nomeado Melhor Filme Ibero-Americano

 -Globos de Ouro: 

Nomeado para Melhor Filme Estrangeiro

 -Prémios Goya:  

Melhor Filme hispano-americano


 - Associação de Críticos de Cinema de Chicago:  

Nomeado Melhor Filme de Língua Estrangeira

- Festival de Havana: 

Prémio do Júri Melhor Filme

- Festival de Berlim:  

Melhor Argumento

Tue — 10/07/2018 — 21h30

Estreia Absoluta em Portugal

Drama – CZ/SK/IT, 2017– M/12 – 115 min. V.O. em Checo / English Subtitles / Legendado em Português Realização: Václav Kadrnka · Argumento: Václav Kadrnka, Vojtech Masek, Jirí Soukup, Jaroslav Vrchlický · Fotografia: Jan Baset Stritezsky · Com: Karel Roden,  Ales Bilík,  Matous John 


Inspired by an epic poem by Czech poet Jaroslav Vrchlický, Little Crusader tells the story of a boy (Matous John) who, armed with a little crusader´s armour, leaves his home in search of the Holy Land. When his father (Karel Roden) realizes the child’s absence, he goes in search of him, entering a journey where reality and dreams mingle and fade. Little Crusader portrays the fear of absence or the loss of a beloved one. An inner journey that also radiates to the outside world.

The historical episode of the Children’s Crusade has always been surrounded by mystery and it is still an object of debate among historians. The director Václav Kardnka thinks this crusade should be read symbolically in his film: the search for a pure and beautiful ideal. Using a minimalist approach to the middle ages, Little Crusader is almost a composition of authentic paintings; austere paintings, bleached by the sun. The film´s architecture and its landscapes, created by the artist Daniel Pitin, embody the spiritual journey of a father in search of his son.

Little Crusader is not currently distributed in Portugal, nor in many European countries, so this is an excellent opportunity to see this film. Cinema that offers a chance to behold its beautiful pictorial images. Cinema that lives and breathes!


- Prémios Leões Checos:

Leão Checo Melhor Música 

Nomeado Melhor Realizador, Melhor Actor, Melhor Argumento, Melhor Fotografia...


- Festival Internacional de Cinema de Karlovy Vary:

Globo de Cristal Melhor Filme

 - Festival de Sevilha: 

Nomeado Melhor Filme

Wed — 11/07/2018 — 21h30

Drama – US/GR, 2016  – M/12 – 85 min. V.O. Inglês / Legendado em Português 

Realização: Ira Sachs· Argumento: Ira Sachs, Mauricio Zacharias · Fotografía: Óscar Durán · Com: Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Ehle, Paulina García.  


Brian Jardine (Greg Kinnear) inherits a building in Brooklyn. Due to the difficult economic situation the Jardines move into the new house where they meet Leonor (Paulina García). She’s an immigrant who runs a clothes shop on the ground floor of the property. Soon Brian’s son and Leonor develop a close and peculiar friendship based on mutual trust and a shared interest in art. The situation gets difficult when, forced by their economic situation, Brian puts up the rent for the shop. Little Men is an extension of Ira Sach’s previous film Love is Strange, where economic problems affect love relationships. Ira Sachs portrays the urban phenomenon of gentrification, which has been very rarely treated with such determination in cinematography. This could be a Chekhov film - it’s not by chance that the play Jake’s father stars in is “The Seagull”. With every fade-to-black, Sachs seems to initiate a new chapter in the story. It’s an intimate and calm film but also has dynamism and the characters are continuously learning and exploring the new situations with which they’re faced. Little Men is a moving and sentimental film with a star-studied cast. Acclaimed by national and international critics as one of the best films of the year.


- Film Independent Spirit Awards:

Nomeado Melhor Argumento


 - Festival de Berlim:

  Nomeado Melhor filme

- Festival de Deauville: 

  Grande Prémio

Thu — 12/07/2018 — 21h30

Suspense – US, 2017  – M/16 – 99 min. V.O. Inglês / Legendado em Português 

Realização: Ben Safdie, Joshua Safdie · Argumento: Ronald Bronstein, Joshua Safdie ·  Fotografia: Sean Price Williams · Com: Robert Pattinson,  Ben Safdie,  Taliah Webster  


Directed by the brothers Benny and Josh Safdie, this adrenalin-charged movie follows the action-packed adventure of two brothers from the moment their plan to become rich and escape to an idyllic corner of the world goes awry. After his brother´s detention, Connie Nikas starts his big adventure in the wild New York night. The film´s motivation is clear and touching: brotherly love. The subject and the city of New York become one with the film’s hectic pace and the dramatic use of colours. Neon, dark green and a shiny fluorescent bordeaux colour reflected in the faces of the two brothers constitute the visual expression of this metropolis. The viewer takes part in a kind of interactive experience from the moment the brothers' master plan predictably fails. Such is the fate of the two misfits. Good Time connects the audience, giving an answer to their expectations; a satisfaction like a videogame player when they unblock a new level of difficulty. Saluted as one of the best movies in 2017 by national and international critics, it is a must!



- International Cinephile Society:

Prémio Melhor Montagem

- Independent Spirit Awards:

Nomeado Melhor Realizador, Melhor Actor, Melhor Actriz Secundária.


- Festival de Cannes:

Secção Oficial

Melhor Compositor

-Associação de Cinema de Críticos de Boston :

Top 10 - Melhores Filmes do Ano

Fri — 13/07/2018 — 21h30

Comédia dramática – GB, 2017, 71 min. – M/14 – V.O. em Inglês / Legendado em Português

Realização e Argumento: Sally Potter · Fotografia: Aleksei Rodionov · Com: Patricia Clarkson, Bruno Ganz, Cherry Jones


The story is quite simple: Janet has just been appointed Secretary of the Health Office.

To celebrate, she invites several friends to a party in her house in London. What started as a lively night turns out to be full of surprises. The Party flows with an excellent rhythm in its 71 minutes. Supported by a great script, both witty and funny, Sally Potter addresses the social and political situation in Great Britain. All in black and white. This brilliant comedy is shot in real time in an apartment,  much like a short theatrical piece. Sally Potter will always be remembered for Orlando, her famous 1993 film based on the homonymous novel by Virginia Woolf. She was awarded Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2012. The superb cast includes Kristin Scott Thomas, Cillian Murphy, Patricia Clarkson, Emily Mortimer, Timothy Spall and Bruno Ganz. Each one of these characters perfectly embodies a different kind of politician. And there is a character that never appears on screen, but it is always expected: Marianne. She reminds us of Hitchcock’s Rebecca, the “non-image” of desire, an approximation of present day western politics. In short, a filmic combination of acute social criticism and magnificent sarcastic humour!


- Festival de Berlim: 

Nomeado Melhor Filme

Prémio do Sindicato de Actores para Sally Potter

- British Independent Film Awards (BIFA): 

Melhor Actriz Secundária

Sat — 14/07/2018 — 21h30
///Centenary of the Birth of Ingmar Bergman 

Drama, Fantasia – SE, 1957 – M/12 – 96 min. V.O. Sueco, Latim / English Subtitles / Legendado em Português 

Realização: Ingmar Bergman · Argumento: Ingmar Bergman ·  Fotografia: Gunnar Fischer (B&W) · Com: Max von Sydow,  Gunnar Björnstrand,  Nils Poppe


We celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ingmar Bergman with this classic of world cinema.

Set in medieval Europe in the times of the Black Death, the film narrates the journey of a knight crusader (Max von Sydow) and the game of chess he plays with Death (Bengt Ekerot ).

The plot for this film is based on Bergman´s theatrical play “Wood Painting”. The Seventh Seal, ponders questions of life and death in a discourse of great aesthetic beauty. All of Bergman´s work is characterized by an existential unrest, an angst about the emptiness and meaning of life. The philosophy of Kierkegaard left a deep impression on Bergman.

The author was inspired “by looking at motifs in medieval paintings”, and the Middle Age’s events are used loosely as “an attempt to create modern poetry that transmits the vital experiences of a modern man…” We can say without hesitation that this is one of the outstanding films in the history of cinema!  


Festival de Cannes: 

Prémio Especial do Júri (Ex aequo com Kanal)

Sun — 15/07/2018 — 21h30

Biografia, Animação – PL/GB/US, 2017 – M/14 – 95 min. V.O. em Inglês / Legendado em Português 

Realização: Dorota Kobiela,  Hugh Welchman · Argumento: Dorota Kobiela, Hugh Welchman, Jacek Dehnel · Animação: Tristan Oliver, Lukasz Zal · Voz: Douglas Booth, Helen McCrory ,  Saoirse Ronan.



Loving Vincent is the world´s first fully painted feature film in history! The story takes place in Paris in the summer of 1891. Postman Joseph Roulin ask his son, Armand, to deliver a letter from the late Vincent Van Gogh to his dear brother Theo. This mission will become a sort of police investigation. Dorota Kobiela, who studied Fine Arts and worked as a painter before turning to filmmaking, decided to start this project after reading Van Gogh´s correspondence to his brother and confidant Theo.   

More than a hundred artists copied in oil each one of the frames for the film which was first shot with actors and actresses in settings taken from the paintings of Van Gogh. Vincent was a prolific artist, despite the fact that his work did not receive any attention during his lifetime. The film´s visual impact is simply astounding and in a film method never seen before, every frame is a work of art in itself, all together completing the most impressive art exhibition about Van Gogh ever made.

Loving Vincent will certainly make you love Vincent more.  


- Prémios Óscar: 

Nomeado Melhor Filme de Animação.

- Globos de Ouro: 

Nomeado Melhor Filme de Animação.

- Prémios BAFTA:

 Nomeado para Melhor Filme de Animação.



- Prémios do Cinema Europeu: 

Melhor Filme de Animação.

Mon — 16/07/2018 — 21h30


Comédia, Drama – US, 2017, 111 min. – M/14 – V.O. em  Inglês / Legendado em Português

Realização: Sean Baker · Argumento:  Sean Baker, Chris Bergoch · Fotografia: Alexis Zabe · Com: Brooklynn Prince, Bria Vinaite, Willem Dafoe.


Sean Baker invites us to keep on exploring the classes that have been excluded from the American Way of Life as he did in Tangerine, but this time turning the spotlight on the childhood of a girl called Moonee who lives in a motel on the outskirts of the renowned world of dreams, Disney World. The title of the film comes from the urbanistic project that Walt Disney designed: the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT), an idyllic town for 20,000 people. When Disney died before his project could be completed, EPCOT ended up as an extension of  Disney’s theme park, a far cry from the urban project he designed. Baker creates a visual bubble in pastel colours that transport us to the world of childhood. However, the “Magic Castle” motel where Moonee and her mother live showcases a reality very different from the one the Disney world represents. Sean Baker chooses this subliminal background to portray Disney’s failed project with the real inhabitants, and he does this in a tender and fresh way, the same way Brooklyn Price acts her character, Moone. Simply delicious!


- Prémios Óscar: 

 Nomeado Melhor Actor Secundário

- Globo de Ouro 

Nomeado Melhor Actor Secundário


- Awards Circuit Community Awards

Menção Honrosa

- American Film Institute (AFI)

Top 10 - Melhores Filmes do Ano

- British Independent Film Awards (BIFA)

Nomeado Melhor Filme Independente 

Tue — 17/07/2018 — 21h30

Comédia Dramática, Fantasia, Romance – US/IE/GB/NL/FR/GR, 2015 – M/16 – 118 min. V.O. em Inglês / Legendado em Português 

Realização: Yorgos Lanthimos ·  Argumento: Efthymis Filippou, Yorgos Lanthimos ·  Fotografia: Thimios Bakatakis · Com: Colin Farrell,  Rachel Weisz,  Jessica Barden.


This film by the Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos is immersed in a very personal form of science fiction and shocks us right from the start . We see a society where single people from The City are captured and transferred to The Hotel. In their new home they’ll have a maximum of 45 days to find a partner. If they don’t succeed they’ll be turned into animals and released in a place called The Forest. The Killing of a Sacred Deer, his latest film, was awarded best script in the Cannes Festival (2017) and is similar to his previous films Canino, Alps and The Lobster in its well-defined narrative structure, and its unique humour. It is at the same time tragic, comic and absurd, and clearly inspired by Kafka’s universe. Although in all his work he presents a sharp analysis of our society, with cold and distant characters, The Lobster has its own features. Lanthimos looks for tenderness in the middle of a chaos of deformity. This is maybe the greatest shock, when the grotesque gives way to beauty and tenderness.

There’s hope in The Lobster.


- Prémios Óscar

Nomeado Melhor Argumento

- Globos de Ouro

Nomeado Melhor Actor 


-Prémios BAFTA

Nomeado Melhor Filme Britânico


-Festival de Cannes

Prémio do Júri

-British Independent Film Awards (BIFA)

Prémio Melhor Actriz Secundária. 7 Nomeações













Wed — 18/07/2018 — 21h30

Drama – FR, 2017  – M/12 – 93 min. V.O. em Francês / English Subtitles / Legendado em Português 

Realização e argumento: Xavier Legrand ·  Fotografia: Nathalie Durand · Com: Léa Drucker,  Denis Ménochet,  Thomas Gioria.


This is the first feature film by French director Xavier Legrand, in many ways the sequel of his Oscar nominated short film Just before Losing Everything (2012). Denis Ménochet and Léa Drucker retake their roles as Antoine and Myriam, the married protagonists, and Mathilde Auneuveux plays their eldest daughter. The film moves back and forth from social drama to thriller to tell us the story of a boy whose separated parents share his custody. The victim of a jealous father, Julien will do everything in his power to protect his endangered mother. The film starts almost as a documentary, with the couple in front of a family court judge who is about to decide whether they should receive joint custody of the boy. The scene is excellently shot  in real time, with the camera so close to the characters that the audience can sense the tension and get closer to the truth. Legrand shines not only in developing a story that grabs its audience and drags us into a spiral of horror, but also in his use of formal elements of the genre to transmit the anxiety of the harassment that both mother and son have to endure. Critics compare the director´s skills with Chabrol and Hitchcock. The film has received numerous awards, being a public´s favourite wherever it is shown. There is no question this is a brilliant film, both true to life and necessary!


-Festival de Cinema de Glasgow: 

Nomeado Prémio do Público

-Festival de Cinema de Miami: 

Nomeado Melhor Argumento


-Festival de Veneza: 

Leão do Futuro - Prémio Melhor Primeira Obra, Leão de Prata Melhor Realizador

-Festival Internacional de Cinema San Sebastián: 

Prémio do Público Melhor Filme Europeu

-Festival de Cinema de Filadélfia: 

Nomeado Melhor Primeira Longa-metragem

-Festival Internacional de Cinema de Toronto: 

Nomeado Prémio Platform 

-Festival de Cinema de Zurique: 

Menção Especial Longa-Metragem Internacional

Thu — 19/07/2018 — 21h30

Special Session Live Music Film by Shaolines del Amor

Tomás Tello & Raúl Gómez  

Ficção Científica – URSS, 1924, 111 min. – M/12 – V.O. em Russo / English Subtitles / Legendado em Português

Realização: Yakov Protazanov · Argumento: Aleksei Fajko, Fyodor Otsep (Romance: Aleksei Tolstoy) · Fotografia: Emil Schünemann, Yuri Zhelyabuzhsky · Com: Yuliya Solntseva, Igor Ilyinsky, Nikolai Tsereteli



After shooting his wife in a jealous rage, Los decides to run away from Earth to planet Mars together with Gussev and Kratsov. On their arrival they are welcomed by Aelita, a queen who has been deprived of her power. The government of Mars, very unstable due to intensive wars, has to deal with the growing discontent of Martians. To prevent any attempt of an uprising the prime minister, opposed to Aelita, puts Los and his friends under arrest. The Martian revolution is on the way… The first Science-fiction film in the Soviet Union, and probably the first feature film in history to deal fully with space travellers. In 1925 Protazanov won the first prize in the International Exhibition of Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris with  Aelita . We have to highlight the constructivist costumes designed by Aleksandra Ekster, as well as the constructivist scenery by Isaac Rabinovich and Víctor Simov. Aelita´s influence can be seen in latter films, notably in series like Flash Gordon  or in Fritz Lang´s masterpiece Metropolis. This jewel of silent cinema has to be rescued from oblivion.

2nd Part — july 29th to august 8th

Ticket Booking

Sun — 29/07/2018 — 21h30

Comédia –GB/FR, 2017  – M/12 – 106 min. V.O. Inglês / Legendado em Português 

Realização: Armando Iannucci · Argumento: Armando Iannucci, David Schneider, Ian Martin, Peter Fellows (BD: Fabien Nury, Thierri Robin) · Fotografia: Zac Nicholson · Com: Steve Buscemi,  Simon Russell Beale,  Jeffrey Tambor.


The second film of Scottish director Armando Iannucci depicts the death of the President of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, on 5 March 1953, and the fight for succession after his death. This political satire gets its inspiration from the comic of the same name written by Fabien Nury and Thierry Robin. Armando Iannucci is popular for his political satires like his first film In the Loop or his TV series: The Thick of It or Veep which depicts a fictitious US vice-president and the permanent madness of politics in Washington. This film has created a huge controversy in Russia. The Russian Ministry of Culture cancelled this Franco-Anglo comedy’s first showing just two days before it was due to be released, because it was considered offensive by Russian film makers and politicians. The Death of Stalin brings us back to a genre we thought we had lost, the political satire, which has produced wonderful films like, for example, Duck Soup, The Great Dictator or the more modern ones Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. All of them hilarious!


 - Monte Carlo Film Festival

Melhor Realizador 

- Festival de Cinema de Gotemburgo:

Nomeado Competição Internacional 

- Prémios BAFTA

Nomeado Melhor argumento, Melhor Filme Britânico


-Festival Internacional de Turim: 


-Festival Internacional de Toronto: 

Nomeado Platform Prize,  Armando Iannucci 

Mon — 30/07/2018 — 21h30

Comédia dramática – SE/FR/DE/DK, 2017, 142 min. – M/14 – V.O. em Sueco / English Subtitles / Legendado em Português

Realização e Argumento: Ruben Östlund · Fotografia: Fredrik Wenzel · Com: Claes Bang, Elisabeth Moss, Dominic West


Are we aware and coherent with our actions when we talk about and appeal to the ideas of equality and fraternity? This is one of the many questions posed in The Square, a comedy by Ruben Östlund, winner of the Palme d’Or in the Cannes festival. As he did in his previous film Turist (Force Majeure), where the devastating avalanche was not the real threat, so The Square makes use of a similar metaphor to bring to the surface the real nature of the museum director Christian, interpreted by Claes Bang. The day before the opening of a new installation called “The Square”, a conceptual space where “everybody can feel safe and happy, and trust the people around them”, Christian is assaulted and his wallet robbed. This event clearly exposes Christian´s mean-spirited side, especially towards those he considers to be intellectually or economically inferior.  Obsessed with his role as a victim, he conceives a plan to locate his telephone. In his search he will discover a reality that is very different to his normal life: the misery that exists in the streets of Stockholm.

The play between natural and artificial, between truth and its imitation, between what can fit inside a civilized framework and what cannot, are the spaces the film inhabits. Östlund reminds us about what stays out of the frame, and he sometimes does so in an extremely funny way!


-Prémios Óscar: 

Nomeado Melhor Filme de Língua Estrangeira

-Globos de Ouro

Nomeado Melhor Filme em Língua Estrangeira

-Prémios Goya:

Melhor Filme Europeu


-Festival de Cannes: 

Palma de Ouro - Melhor Filme

-European Film Awards:  

Melhor Filme, Melhor Realizador, Melhor Comédia, Melhor Actor, Melhor Argumento, Melhor Direcção Artística

-Associação de Críticos de Cinema de Chicago: 

Melhor Filme de Língua Estrangeira 

Tue — 31/07/2018 — 21h30
In Syria

Drama – FR/BE/LB, 2017 – M/16 – 87 min. V.O. Árabe / English Subtitles / Legendado em Português 

Realização e Argumento: Philippe Van Leeuw · Fotografia: Virginie Surdej · Com: Hiam Abbass,  Diamand Bou Abboud,  Juliette Navis.


Inside an apartment in Damascus, a middle-class family lives with the fear of the threat outside. The family is joined by a neighbour, her newly born baby and her husband. When the husband goes out into the street the story starts developing around creating a routine of activities in the apartment. The character, played by Hiam Abbas, strengthens the women’s power by building a refuge in the apartment to protect themselves. Insyriated, by the Belgian film maker Philippe Van Leeuw, isn’t a story about war or the Syrian conflict in particular. It never displays explicit cruelty, but it’s interested in portraying human attitudes and implications in a war scenario. It could happen anywhere. The film seems to perfectly reflect what the philosopher Merleau-Ponty stated: «the world is around me and not opposite me”». The reason why all the characters are enclosed lies outside. Outside is invisible to us. There, sound takes a prominent role. It’s a captivating film!


- Festival de Berlim

Prémio do Público (Secção Panorama)

- Copenhagen Film Festivals

Prémio do Público Politikens

- Festival de Sevilha

Grande Prémio do Público

Wed — 1/08/2018 — 21h30
Teströl és Lélekröl

Drama, Romance, Fantasia – HU, 2017, 116 min. – M/16 – V.O. Húngaro / English Subtitles / Legendado em Português

Realização e Argumento: Ildikó Enyedi · Fotografia: Máté Herbai · Com: Alexandra Borbély, Géza Morcsányi, Réka Tenki


On Body and Soul is an original fim, tender and emotional, that makes use of a mainly poetic narrative. It is a magical fable that wanders between crude reality and dreams. The story of two lonely characters who clumsily try to get closer and find their place in the world is full of original moments that will provoke a smile in the viewers. During a medical inspection, a psychologist discovers that two employees from a factory of meat products, Endre and Maria, share the same dreams every night. The problem is that Endre has given up on love and Maria suffers from Asperger syndrome and she cannot stand being touched. On Body and Soul won the Golden Bear in the main competition section of last year´s Berlin International Film Festival, as well as the best film award in Sydney´s Film Festival. It is the fifth film and the comeback of the Hungarian script writer and director Ildikó Enyedi, 18 years after her previous film. Its exquisite photography shows a strong contrast between the pictures of a meat products factory and that of a beautiful wood covered in snow. The photography embodies the dreams shared by these two characters, while portraying the emotions that emanate from those dreams as they crawl into real life. Fabulous, poetical and beautiful!


-Prémios Óscar

Nomeado Melhor Filme em Língua Estrangeira

-Festival Internacional de Sofia

Melhor Filme


-Festival de Berlim

Urso de Ouro  Melhor Filme, Prémio FIPRESCI, Prémio Ecuménico do Júri

-Prémios do Cinema Europeu

Melhor Actriz  

-Festival de Sidney: 

Melhor Filme 

Thu — 2/08/2018 — 21h30

Drama – ES/GB/DE, 2017 – M/12 – 115 min. V.O. em Inglês  / Legendado em Português 

Realização: Isabel Coixet · Argumento: Isabel Coixet (Romance de Penelope Fitzgerald) ·  Fotografia: Jean-Claude Larrieu · Com: Emily Mortimer,  Patricia Clarkson,  Bill Nighy


The latest film by Isabel Coixet adapts Penelope Fitzgerald’s novel of the same title and traces back one of the best English writers from the Twentieth Century. The Bookshop is one of the most touching books by this extraordinary writer. At the end of the 50’s, Florence Green decides to make her dreams come true. She abandons London and opens a small bookshop in a village on the British coast. To her astonishment, her decision will unleash all type of reactions among the locals.

Coixet tells the story with great delicacy. Images, dialogues, silences, small and revealing gestures live harmoniously, surrounded by an authentic and magnetic atmosphere. Its intimacy is contagious. Isabel Coixet’s film was awarded several Goyas last year: Best film, Best director and Best adapted script. The Bookshop has a star-studied cast: Emily Mortimer, Patricia Clarkson and Bill Nighy as its main actors. A simple story that touches the hearts of the cinema-goers!


-Prémios Goya: 

Melhor Filme, Melhor Realizador, Melhor Argumento Adaptado (12 Nomeações)

-Prémios Feroz

3 Nomeações

-Prémios Gaudí

Melhor Direção de Arte, Melhor Música Original (12 Nomeações)

-Berlin Film Festival / Fora de Competição

-Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos (CEC): 

Melhor Filme, Melhor Realizador, Melhor Actor Secundário, Melhor Argumento Adaptado, Melhor Fotografia

Fri — 3/08/2018 — 21h30
In memory of Harry Dean Stanton (1926-2017)

Drama – US, 2017, 88 min. – M/14 – V.O. em Inglês / Legendado em Português

Realização: John Carroll Lynch · Argumento: Logan Sparks, Drago Sumonja · Fotografia: Tim Suhrstedt · Com: Harry Dean Stanton, David Lynch, Ron Livingston


Lucky celebrates the beauty of being at the twilight of life and being able to ponder with clarity about it. Lucky is a solitary man. One day, a minor accident makes him reconsider his lonely existence. But instead of getting depressed or pity himself, Lucky looks for little emotions in the tiny details of his daily life. There is not a grand narrative here, nor an heroic character solving conflicts, this is simply the story of a man and his day to day life. There is a game of mirrors between the character of Lucky and Harry Dean Stanton´s real life. Both character and actor share biographical events, to the extent that David Lynch appears in the film as a friend of the character. It can be said that in both Lucky and the third season of Twin Peaks by Lynch, Harry Dean Stanton is playing himself. Two roles that are in turn directly connected to his first masterpiece, acting in Paris, Texas: that man who wanders in the desert, utterly alone, utterly lost. Surrounded by an extraordinary cast, characters, and story, the debut as a director of the acclaimed actor John Carroll Lynch is a love letter to life and to Harry Dean Stanton´s career. A true jewel, not to be missed!


-Festival de Locarno

Competição Oficial

-Gotham Awards: 

Nomeado Melhor Actor (Dean Stanton)

-Satellite Awards

Melhor Actor (Dean Stanton), Melhor realizador - Primeiro Trabalho

-Festival de Gijón: 

Melhor Actor (Harry Dean Stanton), Melhor Banda Sonora Original

-Chicago Film Critics Awards

Nomeado Melhor Actor (Dean Stanton), Realizador Mais Promissor

Sat — 4/08/2018 — 21h30
Le Redoutable

50th anniversary of May 68

Biografia, Comédia dramática – FR/IT, 2017 – M/14 – 107 min. V.O. em Francês / English Subtitles / Legendado em Português 
Realização: Michel Hazanavicius · Argumento: Michel Hazanavicius (Autobiografia: Anne Wiazemsky) ·  Fotografia: Guillaume Schiffman · Com: Louis Garrel,  Stacy Martin, Bérénice Bejo


During the shooting of the film La Chinoise, French director Jean-Luc Godard fell in love with the film’s star, Anne Wiazemsky. A year later after having married her and enjoying apparent stability, Godard suffers a crisis due to the negative reception of his film and the social conflicts taking place in Paris. Godard, Mon Amour depicts an era with great precision. It portrays its aesthetics, colours, atmosphere, ideological attitudes, and it does so by following Godard, the Maoist militant, towards grotesque consequences. He is egocentric, annoying to his friends, admirers and spouse. The film by Michel Hazanavicius (5 Oscars for The Artist) is based on the book “Une Année studieuse” de Wiazemsky. There is no doubt you’ll laugh with this character in permanent crisis.
In May 1968 The Cannes Festival was stopped. The film makers Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut y Claude Lelouch boycotted the 21st edition. Shortly after, the directors Roman Polanski, Louis Malle and the actress Monica Vitti, judges at the Festival, announced their decision to join the protest. And to conclude, Milos Forman, Carlos Saura y Alain Resnais, competing for the Palm d’Or, pulled their films from the Festival. We’re talking about the famous May 68 that flooded the streets in Paris and that celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Prémios César:
Nomeado Melhor Director e Actor, Melhor Fotografia, Melhor Guião Adaptado, Melhor Direcção Artística
Festival de Cannes: 
Secção Oficial

Sun — 5/08/2018 — 21h30
Session will be introduced by the director Marco Martins

At 18:00h Open Discussion between Marco Martins and the professor of cinema Miguel Dinis de Oliveira at the “Casa das Artes” in Tavira

Drama – PT/FR, 2016  – M/14 – 102 min. V.O. em Português / English Subtitles 
Realização: Marco Martins · Argumento: Marco Martins, Ricardo Adolfo · Fotografia: Carlos Lopes · Com: Nuno Lopes,  Mariana Nunes, David Semedo


In order to avoid sending his wife and children back to Brazil, Jorge, an unemployed  boxer, accepts a job as a debt collector in a milieu full of crime and violence. São Jorge from the film-maker Marco Martins (Best director in the Festival of Macau) is a hard analysis of the consequences of the Troika intervention in Portugal. It was chosen by the Portuguese Cinematographic Arts and Science Academy to represent Portugal in the Oscars Ceremony as best foreign film, as well as in the Goya awards as best Latin American film. São Jorge is a film full of memorable moments with beautiful photography by Carlos Lopes. The actor Nuno Lopes won the Prize Orizzonti as Best actor in the Venice Festival, where the film had its world premiere.

- Prémios Sophia: 
Melhor Filme, Melhor Fotografia, Melhor Actor, Melhor Argumento Original, Melhor Direcção Artística, Melhor Actor Secundário, Melhor Realizador 
- Prémios Autores SPA, Portugal: 
Melhor Filme, Melhor Argumento, Melhor Actor de Cinema 

 - Coimbra Caminhos do Cinema Português: 
Prémio Don Quijote/Júri IFSS/FICC, Melhor Actor Secundário, Melhor Actor

 - Festival de Veneza:
 Prémio Orizzonti Melhor Actor. Nomeado Prémio Orizzonti Melhor Filme 

-Frase de Destaque: 
Conversa com o realizador às 18h00 na Casa das Artes 
Filme com apresentação do Realizador 

-Talk with the Director at 6 pm in Casa das Artes
Film presented by the Director

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