Thu — 11/07/2019 — 21h30

Drama - BE/NL- 2018, M/14, 109 min. V. O. em Francês e Flamengo/Legendado em Português/English Subtitles

Realização: Lukas Dhont
Argumento: Lukas Dhont, Angelo Tijssens 
Fotografia: Frank van den Eeden
Com: Victor Polster, Arieh Worthalter, Oliver Bodart 



"I don't want to be an 'example' - I want to be a girl", answers Lara to her father, when he congratulates on her exemplary behavior. Lara, a 15-year-old transgender girl who aspires to be a professional dancer, moves in with her father and little brother to attend a renowned ballet academy. She is at a critical moment: in the middle of puberty, with the upcoming test in the most prestigious ballet school in Belgium and on full hormonal treatment.

In 2009, Dhont read a newspaper article about Nora Monsecour, a Belgian transgender dancer. The young director immediately offered to make a documentary about her life, but she refused. However, Monsecour was very involved in the casting and shooting of the film. 

Girl, Caméra d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018, is Lukas Dhont's first feature film after his three previous short films on stories of young people in crisis. It is also the discovery of the talented Victor Polster as an actor.

2018: Festival de Cannes: “Un Certain Regard” - Prémio Melhor Actor Victor Polster 
2018: Festival de Cannes: Prémio FIPRESCI
2018: Festival de Cannes: Câmera de Ouro - Lukas Dhont
2018: European Film Awards: Melhor Descoberta Europeia