Sun — 16/07/2023 — 21h30
Mulheres da Noite

Realização: Kinuyo Tanaka 

Argumento: Sumie Tanaka, Masako Yana 

Fotografia: Asakazu Nakai 

Com: Chisako Hara, Akemi Kita, Yosuke Natsuki 


Ficção/JP/1961/92 min | M/12 

V.O. Japonês/Legendas em PT - English Subtitles



Another of Kinuyo Tanaka’s great works, recently rediscovered, which critics liken to the Nouvelle Vague for the way it approaches the characters, has an abrupt rhythm and cinematographic timeliness, adapted from Masako Yana’s novel, The Night of the Women. It is the story of the difficulty of the reintegration of former prostitutes. Kuniko tries to escape prostitution and look for a new life, revealing at the same time a certain fragility and a great determination.